Calling Card


What is a Calling Card?

Asterisk2voip’s calling card platform is PIN base and PINless calling system. It is used to make long distance and international VoIP calls. In modern times, international communication is becoming very expensive so calling card solutions are becoming very popular in VoIP businesses. Calling cards are cost effective and easy to use. Users can start a call anytime from anywhere by simply entering an access number or DID from their phone.



PIN and PINless

Calling cards are both PIN based and PINless solutions. Users can make calls with entering pin number or without entering.


Multiple Signup Method

Calling cards provide multiple signup options so more customers can be invited.


Balance Transfer

User can transfer the balance from his account to another account.


Instant Notification

This feature gives permission to give instant notification of low balance during calling.


Multilingual IVR Support

Provide customer support in key regional languages ​​for effective collaboration using this feature.


Call Details Reports

Get call details reports and perform detailed analytics of data.

Major Benefits

International calling can be done at lower cost.

A GUI based web panel can be accessed from anywhere anytime with a few clicks.

It enables you to make calls by entering the pin number or without entering the pin number.

Make quick calls with the help of a calling card and customize it as per requirement.

VoIP is very popular in businesses and offers a great opportunity to earn money.

The account has the ability to auto recharge across low balances.


Calling cards are a prepaid and postpaid method of making a long distance call. In using a calling card you can save money on your long distance phone bill.

Calling cards are cheaper than long distance providers, local phone companies, collect calls and operator assisted calls. It reduces the prepaid balance when you make calls.

Yes, a calling card can be used to make local, regional, state-to-state and international calls to anywhere in the world.

Yes, Our calling cards work from any phone; Home, Cell Phone, Office, Dorm, Payphone, etc.

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