Click To Call


What is Click To Call?

The click to call service enables phone calls through a VoIP connection. This feature can be set up in the Agent Dashboard. Where it gives agents the permission to engage with individual customers. An agent can connect with a customer from anywhere and start a conversation. Each click has a number embedded with the call button which automatically calls that number on click. It reduces the waiting time of agents by making it possible for agents to connect with customers instantly.



Call Recording

Agents can automatically record every call made and store it in a database.


No Manual Dialing

Customer’s number is embedded behind the click call button. So manual dialing is not required.


Call Routing

This feature allows live calls to be routed to another agent.


Call Masking

This service allows agents to communicate with customers without revealing personal numbers.


CRM Integration

This service can be integrated with CRM and customer information can be obtained.



Provides real-time reports. Get all reports related to calls using the dashboard.

Major Benefits

A click to call service can be set up and activated easily in the agent dashboard.

There is no need to do manual dialing so that saves the time of agents.

Call customers faster and increase your business productivity.

Record and monitor all calls between agents and customers in real-time.

Connect with customers with just one click and strengthen their trust with the brand.

Click to call service enables customers and agents to reach each other quickly and efficiently.


Click to call is a feature that lets you dial a number by just clicking on it. It eradicates the need of manual dialing and saves measurable time for your agents.

Click to call works simply by dialing out the numbers without actually entering the numbers on the dialers. It simplifies the dialing process and reduces the turn around time to connect to a customer. It connects agents to specific customers at just one click.

With no need to dial out the customer numbers every time, agents can save measurable time by using a click-to-call solution. This adds to their efficiency.

Yes, the IVR functionality can also be integrated as a feature with a multi-level menu of self-help options.

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