Everything Know About Automatic Dialer

February 7, 2023


If you work in a customer-facing department, you pick up the phone, dial a random number, and hope you get the conversation you want. It should be second nature at this point, right?

If you don’t think twice about this act of calling a customer, have you ever stopped to ask yourself how much time you could save if you had a tool that worked for you? If not, hang up. Because a similar machine already exists – it is called an Auto dialer.

What is an Auto Dialer?

Autodialer by Asterisk2VOIP is a call center solution that automatically cycles through the customer’s phone number and can provide important information through an automated message or connect the customer directly to an agent after the call is answered.

Autodialers are used in business settings that involve a lot of repetitive phone conversations, such as sales, call centers, healthcare, hospitality, and even education.

The purpose of using software such as autodialer is to eliminate the need for users to spend wasted time manually dialing each phone number that needs to be called. Thus, they can focus more on message content and successful delivery.

Users need a computer, a voice modem, and an active phone line to properly use the Auto dialer. However, depending on the device you choose to implement, there is also a cloud-based auto dialer option.

Automatic Dialer Types

There are three types of automatic connectors: preview, force or advance, and prediction. What you choose should depend on your business function and how you will use the auto dialer to support it.

Preview Dialer

Preview is used in situations where the user wants to see some information about the person they want to talk to before making an automatic call. This allows for more personalization and tailoring for customer interactions, whether it’s an open call or a follow-up message.

Power or Progressive Dialer

The advanced (or power) dialer differs from the standard dialer because it does not allow the user to determine whether the next call will be placed. Instead, the caller places the next call immediately after the previous call ends.

It’s a bit more compact than the preview. So if you want to reach as many customers as possible, then the press is now the option for you.

Predictive Dialer

Mobile phones take efficiency to a new level by dialing multiple phone numbers at once. But don’t worry, I don’t think you’ll be talking to multiple customers at once.

Using predictive algorithms, predictive calling will determine when the user is done with the current call and place the next one before the user finishes the entire sales call script.

Automatic Dialer Features

The auto dialer is packed with features that will help you talk to as many customers as possible. When choosing a product, make sure it has the following features for the best experience.

Finding Odd Numbers

Automated dialing technology can tell you that a phone number on your list isn’t worth calling right now, sending the number to voicemail, an answering machine, or just a business line.

Filter List

You will be asked to call (DNC) many people on your list. You have to respect this wish because you don’t want to disturb their relationship. Fortunately, the auto dialer can filter your list, so people on your DNC list won’t contact you again.


Auto dialers can integrate with other software related to customer contact information. Most importantly, a customer relationship management (CRM) solution. CRM is a tool used to track customer data, including past interactions with your business, preferences, and where they are in the buyer journey.

Manage Your Contact List

Auto dialers also have the ability to manage your contact list, including segmentations. If you use a cloud-based system, you can upload customer contact information from another database. Having the most up-to-date means of reaching customers is essential to efficiency, and car callers can take care of that for you.

Time Zone Management

There has been a lot of debate about the best time to call a prospective client, and factoring in the time zone is another conundrum. However, if you use an auto dialer, they can make this easier by adjusting your time zone so you only call customers that are convenient for them.

Call Forwarding Option

The workforce is now dispersed, and you won’t be able to access your office phone. Or maybe your job is to select a client before you start a conversation with someone in your business. However, if you need to transfer the call to another device or person, an automatic dialer can do it.


In addition to scheduling outgoing calls, autodialers can send various messages in advance after the recipient answers the call. Businesses may have multiple broadcast messages that can be implemented depending on the nature of the call.


Automatic dialers monitor the progress of their outbound calling campaigns using a dashboard that updates in real time. So, users and administrators can see business overview, activity level and statistics.

Plan to Call

You don’t want to achieve everything on the first try. Automatic callers combat this problem by scheduling follow-ups or calls. If someone doesn’t answer your call, the auto dialer will just add them to your list, increasing your chances of connecting and talking to customers.


Finally, as with most software used in your organization, security is one of the most important features. Your communications likely contain valuable personal information, and a breach could damage your relationships with customers and even your reputation.

The automatic dialer by Asterisk2VOIP automatically implements security measures to keep customer information and data safe from all unauthorized users, making your customers safe and willing to trust you.


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