Here we provide some frequently asked questions by our clients

Asterisk2voip Technology is an Asterisk based VoIP solution provider that provides solutions such as Call Center Dialer Software, Voice Broadcasting Software, Call Forwarding Software, PBX Solution, SMS Broadcasting Software, Soundbox Dialer, VoIP Billing Software etc.

We have more than 11 years of experience working on the Asterisk platform.

We help you install and configure our solutions on your server. Apart from this, we also do customization according to the client’s requirement and provide support if they need.

Our solutions are used in call center businesses. Our solutions are used in businesses that are involved in telecommunication, telemarketing and customer service related activities. The importance of Asterisk based VoIP solutions for VoIP calling is increasing in telecommunication businesses.

Yes, we provide online training for our solutions.

We provide our solutions worldwide. So far we have provided our solutions in 75+ countries.

Yes, we provide dialer software in more than 20 different languages like Hindi, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Greek, Japanese, Russian, Indonesian, Philippines, Italian etc.

We mainly accept payment through Paypal, BTC and Bank. If you want to pay with any other method, then we can discuss that.