Importance of SMS Broadcasting Software in Your Business

December 25, 2022


SMS broadcasting is very popular among marketers and entrepreneurs to promote their services and reach a wider audience. With proper planning and consistency, you can quickly reach your business goals without paying extra. 98% of SMS messages are open within five minutes of sending the message.

SMS broadcasting is a powerful communication tool that allows businesses to send short text messages quickly. It creates opportunities for greater ROI by increasing brand awareness, customer engagement and more sales.

If the deal is made on time, text messages can create a sense of urgency and motivate customers to take immediate action. This allows you to turn your traditional one-way outbound marketing into a two-way conversation.

How to Use SMS Broadcasting in Your Business

SMS broadcasts can be use for a number of reasons. It offers a variety of capabilities not available in more traditional communication channels such as email.

Sending multiple SMS ensures that your message reaches your target audience without any of them getting lost in the spam box.

Some examples of using SMS broadcasts

Rostering Sent to staff for shift reminders, notifications and confirmations.

SMS Marketing Sent to customers for special offers, promotions, stock updates and new product launches.

Event reminders Sent to attendees for event invitations, confirmations, and attendee reminders.

Order notifications Sent to customers to update orders, shipping and shipments.

Mass Alert Notifications Sent to customers regarding system outages, security breaches, or emergencies.

Consumer surveys Sent to consumers to gain insight into consumer behavior and opinions.

Travel reservations Sent to customers to organize and manage bookings and check confirmations, travel and accommodation arrangements.

There are endless ways to use SMS broadcasting in your business. Each text message can be customize for specific use in your organization.

SMS as a marketing tool is really growing, and in recent years businesses have found ways to adapt SMS and optimize SMS for use as a service tool. Mainly because of its many benefits!

Using SMS messaging for your business can help you:

– Increase customer retention

– Develop greater brand loyalty

– Direct contact

– Attract new customers

– Increase overall sales

– Provides profitable ROI

Advantages of SMS Broadcasting

Invitation delivery

When it comes to delivery, SMS is very fast and efficient – it only takes a few seconds to reach a large audience. It’s rare to get a personalized message to your audience so quickly and easily.

The results are immediate

You can immediately see who received it, and other analytics such as who opened it, read it and, of course, most importantly, who responded.

Build quality relationships

Unlike email, SMS broadcasting is a highly personalized form of communication that allows you to connect directly with your customers to build and maintain quality relationships.

When sending SMS broadcasts via Asterisk2VOIP, you can customize SMS settings and dynamic fields. Instead, include first name, last name, appointment date, time, etc. including mastering fields.

Increase efficiency

No matter what industry your organization is in, using SMS broadcasts gives you the ability to reach a very large audience.

With Asterisk2VOIP’s simple and easy-to-use setup, you can send mass SMS messages to thousands of people in seconds – increasing the efficiency of your current workflow with customers and employees.

Simple and easy

Due to its reliability and accessibility, SMS has become the most accepted communication channel in the world. Everyone knows how to open, read and text messages. 

Also, because of the length limit (160 characters), the message is short, direct, short and direct. Who doesn’t love sweet and simple?

It integrates with your existing system

Integrate SMS into your business applications and workflows with the Asterisk2VoIP SMS API. That way, you can send and receive SMS and SMS messages directly from your existing system.

Other Asterisk2VOIP’s SMS features include scheduling, receiving custom virtual SMS numbers, and advanced reporting tools.

Global marketing

Text messaging is designed to reach anyone with a modern mobile device and cell phone signal. So you can reach millions of people anytime, anywhere.

With an estimated 7 billion mobile phones in use daily, SMS is one of the few technologies that is universally synchronized among mobile phone operators worldwide. You can reach the world by text messaging.

Effective communication

For those working in the advertising or marketing industry, SMS broadcasting can be the cheapest alternative to mainstream marketing channels such as TV, print, radio and online advertising.

With an SMS fee of as little as 6 cents (in our company’s SMS package), you can see your marketing costs drop from your first SMS. You can see our SMS rates here.

Once you segment your audience, you can directly target groups of customers with different marketing messages. By understanding what works and what doesn’t, you can refine your approach to increase sales potential.


The ability to schedule text messages means you can save time planning your campaign, you don’t have to write each message individually, so a group of people can be targeted with a scheduled text.

This gives you more time to spend on other areas of your business or to manage the many sales opportunities that will come back from your SMS once sent.

Monitoring and Analytics

SMS is easy to track, and most providers offer delivery reports, which can be a good resource to ask what success you get from sending your SMS, so you can evaluate the success of your campaign completely and accurately.

Can be relied upon

Cell phones do not use spam filters, and spam boxes. In most cases, cell phone text messages are safer than email, which can send all sorts of shady attachments. 

In addition, delivery allows 48 hours if the phone is turn off or out of signal range.


Want to see how the power of SMS broadcasting can work for your business? Sign up for a free SMS trial with Asterisk2VOIP today.

No software installation is require, so you can start sending bulk SMS and grow your business immediately. If you want to keep all your communications in one place, Asterisk2VOIP is the way to do it.


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