Key Features of Voice Broadcasting Software

December 16, 2022


One of the most important ways for businesses to increase their revenue is to reach more customers in less time. Voice over internet protocol(VoIP) is an inexpensive solution to connect to multiple clients at the same time.

Voice broadcasting software provided by Asterisk2VOIP is simple to use, you just need to link your customer’s contact information and it will instantly broadcast your pre-recorded message to everyone on your contact list.

It is an effective communication tool to reach customers. It is more personal method of communication than email or text messages. Regardless of the number of contacts, whether in hundreds or hundreds of thousands, voice broadcasting software distributes data easily and without errors.

A process that uses software to send multiple automated voice calls to customers simultaneously. Also known as automated call broadcasting. No dedicated staff is require to handle all calls manually.

It does not require sophisticated hardware or equipment to run, especially with cloud-based solutions. He is able to convey the message to the client absolutely flawlessly and has shown great success. Businesses today have huge customer databases and it is very difficult to send personalized messages to each customer in a short period of time. Broadcasting can help businesses reach a wider audience.

However, voice broadcasting is not just about sharing pre-recorded messages. There are more features provided by the software, such as sending personalized messages, running press-1 campaigns and audio broadcasts, and useful extras.


Interactive Dashboard

Interactive dashboards are business data management tools that allow users to interact with data by tracking, analyzing, monitoring, and displaying key business metrics. Using an interactive dashboard, users can drill down into an organization’s business data and filter it in a variety of ways. Financial and operational data can be integrated into this central platform to manage all related functions and processes at the enterprise level.

Interactive dashboards enable organizations to create and track key performance indicators (KPIs). This allows you to examine the data from different perspectives, down to every little detail. Data-driven decisions are only possible if the relevant information is combined to create a clear and understandable representation of business-related numbers.

Techniques like simple headings on a dashboard can help users understand what the screen is covering without having to analyze complex data sets.

Call Reporting and Analytics

You can easily optimize results by getting real response analytics from your voice campaigns, number of calls answered, number of missed calls and other data.

Get a useful call analytics report to determine if your campaign is producing positive results.

Press-1 Campaign

Most broadcast software offers the ability to run Press-1 campaigns. Let’s say you’re launching a new service in New York. You can set up a voice broadcast campaign to contact potential customers in the area and get a Press-1 campaign to send calls to customers who are interested in your services.

Automatic Business

With this feature, voicemail software automatically resend customers who do not receive automated calls. The best part is that you can set the time duration and number of retries for your contacts.

API Support

Your audio provider should provide API support. With custom APIs, you can build custom audio streaming solutions based on your business and customer needs. For example, if you use a CRM for lead management and want to run a telemarketing campaign to connect with potential candidates; then you can integrate your CRM with your audio streaming software.

Popular voicemail service providers already support integration with popular CRMs and various sales enablement tools.


Customers can pick up your phone if you use a local or toll-free number. Caller ID or number makes your business approachable and trustworthy to customers, increasing call reception and conversion rates.

Let’s understand how this feature works: You have customers in Australia and England and want to quickly spread information about your new product with an automated calling solution such as voicemail.

Now, with the AC-CID feature, your voice broadcast software will automatically select caller ID based on your subscriber’s location.

 A / B testing

The best part about setting up an voice campaign is that you can test which message or accent sounds best, meaning it leads to more customers.

You can create multiple voice campaigns with different scripts and accents and send them at different times to see which audio message gets the most traffic. Another good thing is that you can get campaigns for specific channels. Let’s say we decide to run an A/B test for 5,000 posts; What cloud-based voice broadcasting software does is run a campaign for the first 5,000 callbacks.

The message is automatically based on a round-robin approach. For the first call that is answered, the first variation of your voice message is played. Similarly, other messages are played for the second and third calls are answered.

After the end of the voice campaign, you can see detailed results such as how many subscribers engaged with each message or left the call to make an informed decision. After that you can choose the right message for better results. So you can choose which A/B option is best for your campaign.

Easy DNC List Management

DNC stands for Do Not Call and is a list of people who do not want to receive calls from businesses. Having this list is essential to comply with legal obligations related to robotic or automated calls or voicemails.

DND List or Do Not Disturb List, phone numbers of subscribers who do not want to receive voicemail calls. It is useful for fulfilling legal obligations. Businesses must ensure that no calls are made to phone numbers on the DND list when conducting voice or telemarketing campaigns. If not, it can lead to a fine. Voicemail software takes care of this because it automatically filters and removes DNC contacts from your contact list. You can also import the phone list.

You can purchase this list from an authorized organization and upload it to your voicemail software to block this person from calling you. Your audio provider should allow you to download the DNC list to protect your business from legal trouble.

Call Record

With the call recording feature, you can record conversations between your agents and customers. Call logs are stored securely in cloud storage, accessible from anywhere, anytime. Depending on your needs, you can keep your call records for one month or six months, etc. You can choose to keep it for some time.

Note that most voice service providers offer this feature as an add-on that you have to pay for separately.

IVR with Opt-out Message

The IVR feature in the voice broadcast system makes voice broadcast messages interactive. It effectively bridges the gap between business and consumers. It also reduces customer wait times and improves customer satisfaction by providing self-service options to callers.

Additionally, IVR features save time and money. The IVR feature is available 24/7; so that you can attend customer inquiries at any time.


Finding great voice broadcasting software can be overwhelming.

In this article, we have discussed the top key features that you should look for in voice broadcasting software provided by Asterisk2VoIP to make your campaign truly successful and generate a positive ROI.


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