Major Benefit of Using Voip Billing Software

May 9, 2023


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has revolutionized the manner people speak over lengthy distances. This technology converts analog voice alerts into virtual packets for transmission over the Internet. As the call for VoIP offerings grows, the want for a powerful billing machine turns into paramount. This is wherein VoIP billing software program comes into play. 

In this blog, we will become aware of the Asterisk2VOIP platform and talk about the principal advantages of the use of VoIP billing software programs.

What is a VoIP Billing Software Program?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) billing software program is a device utilized by VoIP carrier companies to manage their clients’ billing strategies. It lets companies track bill utilization, generate invoices, and method bills in an automatic and optimized manner.

The VoIP billing software program may be standalone or incorporated together with its broader VoIP platform. Common examples of VoIP billing software programs are JeraSoft VCS, Aria Systems, and

VOIP Billing Software Features

VoIP billing software program functions can also additionally range with the aid of using solution and provider, however right here are a few functions:

Call Rating and Billing

The software program calculates the price of every call and invoices the client primarily based totally on utilization. You also can generate billing reviews with special name logs and utilization statistics.

Payment Processing

We assist a couple of charge alternatives which includes credit score cards, PayPal, and financial institution transfers. You also can music bills and robotically generate receipts. 

Customer Management

Manage client records which includes account creation, client profiles, and carrier subscriptions.

Rate Management

Providers can set fees for diverse offerings, locations and charges.

Real-Time Monitoring

You can screen and track actual-time call activity, together with call duration, call quality, and utilization statistics.

Reporting and Analytics

Create special reviews on name utilization, sales, and client behavior. Vendors can use those reviews to identify tendencies and make knowledgeable selections. 

Integration and Customization

Integrate with different third celebration VoIP software program and structures which includes CRM, ERP and helpdesk software program. Some of the VoIP billing software program additionally lets in companies to personalize the software program for their precise wishes.

Use Instances for VOIP Billing Software Program:-

VoIP Service Providers

VoIP carrier companies use VoIP billing software programs to manipulate their clients’ billing strategies. You can use this software program to create and manage accounts, set tariffs, screen utilization, create invoices, and method bills.

Call Centers

Call facilities use VoIP billing software programs to manage inbound and outbound calls, music utilization, and invoice clients for offerings. The software program also can offer actual-time call analytics, permitting call center managers to make statistics-pushed selections and optimize operations.


Enterprises can use VoIP billing software programs to manage inner voice communications and invoice departments or people for utilization. This is especially beneficial for huge corporations with a couple of places that want to centralize their verbal exchange costs.

VoIP Resellers

VoIP resellers can use VoIP billing software programs to manage clients, configure tariffs, and generate invoices. The software program additionally enables them to manage sales sharing agreements with different VoIP carrier companies. 

Wholesale VoIP Providers

Wholesale VoIP companies use VoIP billing software programs to manage interconnection agreements with different VoIP companies. The software program enables music utilization, calculating fees, and creating invoices for affiliates.

Benefits of the use of Asterisk2VoIP’s VoIP billing software program:-

Automate your Billing Method

VoIP billing software program automates the billing method, reduces the danger of mistakes and saves time. The software program can robotically calculate airtime, tariffs, and different billing records. You also can create invoices and email them to your clients. 

Asterisk2VOIP gives a user-friendly interface that makes it smooth for billing managers to install billing plans, allocate tariffs, and create invoices. The software program additionally gives customizable reviews that permit customers to screen commercial enterprise sports in actual time.

Improved Accuracy

VoIP billing software program guarantees the accuracy of billing calculations. The software program tracks actual-time call statistics to make certain your clients are billed appropriately for the offerings they use. This enables them to keep away from billing mistakes and client disputes which can harm the company’s reputation. 

Asterisk2VOIP has integrated fraud detection tools which can come across call site visitors anomalies which includes: Unusual call styles or site visitors spikes. This will assist you keep away from dropping sales because of fraudulent activity.

Provides Extra Flexibility

VoIP billing software program offers you extra flexibility in billing alternatives. This software program can assist distinctive billing fashions which includes: Prepaid and Postpaid Billing. Businesses can personalize billing plans to fit their wishes. It additionally helps a couple of currencies, making it less complicated for corporations to increase their offerings globally. 

Asterisk 2 VOIP lets in customers to create custom billing plans that may be tailor-made to their precise wishes. The software program helps bendy billing cycles, permitting corporations to invoice their clients on a daily, weekly, monthly, or every year basis. It additionally helps a couple of charge gateways, so your clients pay for the use of their desired charge method.

Improve the Client Experience

VoIP billing software program can enhance the client revel in with the aid of presenting self-carrier alternatives. Customers can get admission to billing records, view call history, and pay online. This helps lessen customer support calls and enhances client satisfaction. 

Asterisk2VOIP gives a person portal wherein clients can view account records, test balances and make bills online. The portal is customizable and corporations can upload branding and emblems to create a continuing client revel in.

Reduce Costs

VoIP billing software programs can prevent cash with the aid of streamlining the billing method and lowering the want for guide work. This saves corporations money and time that may be invested in different regions in their commercial enterprise. 

Asterisk2VOIP gives low cost pricing plans that may be custom designed to suit the wishes of corporations of all sizes. The software program additionally gives a loose trial model that lets in customers to check the software program earlier than buying it.


In summary, VoIP billing software programs give big advantages to corporations presenting VoIP offerings. Automate your billing method, enhance accuracy, growth flexibility, enhance client revel in and decrease costs. Asterisk2VOIP provides an effective VoIP billing software program that gives those advantages and extra. With their software program, corporations can streamline their billing strategies and awareness on imparting remarkable service to their clients.


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