Founded In 2010


In modern times, call centers look for innovative, robust and intelligent solutions that can boost their communication businesses. We have developed our softwares keeping in mind their current needs. Asterisk2VoIP Technology has been developing open source telephony solutions since 2010. Our solutions enable you to easily connect and communicate with your customers around the world. We offer secure communication solutions that help you provide a better customer experience at a lower cost. By using our solutions you can allow your customers to reach you from anytime anywhere.

Asterisk2voip provided call center solutions like dialer software, voice broadcasting software, voip billing software, IVR, call forwarding software, soundbox dialer, PBX system etc. to clients worldwide.

Our Mission

We want to empower our customers by providing them with the information they need. We provide the most reliable and secure solutions to boost their communication businesses. Which can help improve their customers’ experience.

Our Vision

We focus on innovating our solutions to meet every client’s requirement. With innovative solutions, business goals can be advanced and communication can be empowered.

Our Values

We main focus on customer’s satisfied by our work

Customer Focus


We are responsible for all our work and accountable for their consequences

We continuously develop safe system of work



We are fair, honest and trustworthy in all we do

We embrace change and continually seek innovative ideas to improvement



We believe in Working together, Winning together

Our Founders


Kashyap Patel


He is the founder and CEO of Kingasterisk Technologies. Experienced CEO with over 11 years of experience in the Technology and Services industry. He is a business architect, strategist and superstar with a passion for life. Highly motivated individual with over 11 years of experience in Asterisk, growth strategy and business scale. In addition, he led the entire team through one of the most challenging and difficult times in the early stages of the company. Work directly with department heads and assigned managers to delegate responsibility and ensure efficient operation of all aspects of the company. Discusses issues, resolves issues, and coordinates business activities with board members, employees.

He is a technical lead and a member of the company’s core founding team at King Asterisk Technologies. Throughout the years of his career, he continues to provide high-quality technical advice, follow through on important personal projects, ensure maximum customer satisfaction and achieve sales goals. He provides a high level of education to the entire team and ensures that everyone is focused and motivated. As such, provides technical guidance to achieve business results (software deployment, enhancement, revenue generation) for assigned tasks. He has developed and maintained excellent working relationships with other organizations, ensuring King Asterisk Technologies is received and presented in a professional and positive manner.

That is why he is called “Asterisk Master” in the company.


Hiren Patel

Technical Head

Join Our Team

We are the family of Asterisk2voip technology. We believe in working together and moving forward with everyone. Our team strives to learn something new every day and is committed to success. You too can become an important part of our valuable team by joining with us. Asterisk2voip is the right choice for your carrier.