Role of Voice Broadcasting in the Healthcare Industry

January 8, 2023


When it comes to delivering information to a large audience, audio streaming services have a tremendous impact on the industry. Broadcasting has evolved over time for more than just advertising and marketing purposes. 

Many industries, including healthcare and government, use audio to remind customers about appointments, prescriptions, and more.

Some other industries have incorporated IVRs (Interactive Voice Response Systems) into voicemail services to facilitate two-way communication between businesses and customers. 

This has proven to be very useful for customer service initiatives such as advanced communications, surveys and collecting user feedback.

Voice broadcasting (VB) is incredibly useful for business or industry when it comes to communicating information to the public. With the passage of time, the use and application of voice broadcasting services has expanded manifold. The company does not limit itself to just sending promotional/flash updates. Instead, they are now making more use of it in creative ways.

For example, the healthcare industry uses voice broadcasting to help their patients by sending appointment or prescription reminders.

How Does Voice Broadcasting Work?

Like any other software, it has a process to follow and it is very simple. Below are the steps.

Record your voice message

You can easily record voice messages on your mobile phone and the resulting audio file can be saved. You can listen to voice messages before downloading. Make sure the message is IVR. Include a callback option in the message.

Add a contact list

The next step is to create a list of customer phone numbers in your system. The list can be in file or CSV format. DND calls can only be checked and removed by software to contact active phone numbers.

Start to send calls

The final step is to send voice messages to multiple clients by uploading voice files and contact lists. Plan the right time and date to send the message and check the incoming reports to know about the success of the campaign.

Role of Voice Broadcasting in Healthcare Industry

Time is money in the healthcare industry. When lives are at stake, not a minute can be wasted. The role of voice broadcasting in the healthcare industry is very important.

According to India’s leading voice solution provider Pulse Unified Communication service provider, the healthcare industry has invested heavily in broadcast services. Voice broadcast solutions are a valuable addition to emergency care in the healthcare industry where time is of the essence. 

ERCC (Emergency Response Coordination and Communications) is a voice broadcast service used by emergency responders. This service notifies hospital staff of emergencies, allowing them to prepare for emergencies and respond in time.

Hospitals also use voice streaming services to remind patients about medical appointments or medication doses. IVRs are also being introduced to hospital voice services to make appointment confirmations more interactive. This has proven to be a great way to reduce the chaos of last minute appointments at the hospital.

As a quick way of disseminating information, voice broadcasting by Asterisk2Voip is used as an emergency response coordination and communication (ERCC) solution. 

When patients are on their way, hospital staff are notified of incoming patients and the appearance of emergency patients.

Let’s look at some of the use cases of our Voice Broadcasting solution in Healthcare sector:

Register new patients and schedule medical appointments

The role of this contact center software begins with the patient’s first interaction with the doctor. It can help patients self-register for the medical care they need. Patients do not need to visit the hospital for this.

It can be done remotely using the IVR feature available in all contact center solutions. Patients can also make an appointment for a health check-up.

Provide telemedicine and telecounseling to patients

In many countries, telemedicine and tele counseling services provide remote medicine. The best contact center software can be use to provide these medical services to the customers.

This VoIP phone software allows hospitals to charge patients by the minute from their phone balance to generate revenue. With an all-in-one call center solution, patients can use other channels to communicate with medical professionals.

Send an automatic voice call sign

Healthcare can send multi-voice alerts to designated patients. You can also provide feedback to patients using IVR services.

Maintain patient information using IVR services

You can connect HIMS with IVR services to maintain updated patient records and can create an IVR voice menu in a pre-recorded voice. You also can call the doctor of the respective department or the DTMF answering service on the keypad.

Automated voice call reminders to collect copies and reports

It is best to call the patient before the appointment to make sure they are ready. Automated voice calls that can receive similar reports.

Facilitating patients by connecting them to the right doctors and consultants

The patient may need to speak directly with the doctor to discuss the medical report or similar. This is also where contact center solutions come in handy. An established telephone routing system connects patients to the correct physician or designated physician.

Facilitate long-distance informed patients

A caller for a call center that is a permanent contact center allows the hospital to send reports to patients through the patient’s preferred communication method. This can add convenience and care to improve the patient experience.

Protection by using a digital mask

Number masking services allow you to connect doctors, patients, staff, technicians and others to your customers without revealing their phone numbers.

Customer support system – IVR

Asterisk2Voip offers you premium customer service. You can receive customer feedback using IVR services and can create an IVR voice menu in a pre-recorded voice. You also can call the doctor of the respective department or the DTMF answering service on the keypad.

Toll free number for healthcare

You can create your own toll free number from 1800 to serve healthcare customers.

Tracking the patient experience

Hospitals must track the patient experience to combat the competition. Some hospitals use it as a marketing channel to sell and sell some of their offerings. Contact center and mass communication solutions can be great tools to simplify and speed up medical and marketing follow-up.

Pay long distance medical bills

The software can also be used by call centers to send medical bills to patients via WhatsApp or email and allow remote payments. This can improve patient comfort.

Missed phone service for healthcare

When a customer misses a call to a healthcare number, registered number, registration report, lab report, etc. You send the details.


A Voice broadcast solution by Asterisk2VoIP can be an inexpensive way to reach a mass target audience. Therefore, to expand its reach, the industry needs to develop voice broadcast campaigns such as pre-recorded broadcasts or text messaging services. They are no longer an emergency, but they have allowed businesses to break new ground and be creative.


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