SMS Broadcasting For Marketing Purpose

January 13, 2023


Text messaging or SMS is one of the most underused communication/interaction tools. Businesses can use SMS to improve marketing, sales, customer success and operations. You can say that it offers a 360-degree solution to all business-related challenges.

SMS broadcasting is very popular among marketers and entrepreneurs to promote their services and reach a wider audience. With proper planning and consistency, you can quickly reach your business goals without paying extra.

98% of SMS messages are opened within five minutes of sending the message. With an email marketing open rate of 16-20%, only 20% of subscribers read your content.

What is SMS Broadcasting?

SMS Broadcasting by Asterisk2VoIP helps users send bulk text messages. Text messaging can be used to promote brand announcements, offers, announcements, and more. It is one of the best ways to connect with customers and build brand loyalty.

SMS broadcasting is a powerful communication tool that allows businesses to send short text messages quickly. It creates opportunities for greater ROI by increasing brand awareness, customer engagement and more sales.

Why Do You Need SMS Broadcasting Software for Marketing Purpose?

Marketing and Advertising

One of the most common uses for broadcast text is for marketing and advertising purposes. Smartphone use is almost ubiquitous around the world. 77% of people are expected to own a smartphone by 2025, and 92% of Americans already own a text-enabled phone.

There are lucrative opportunities for marketers to take advantage of the popularity and availability of text – especially if you use automated workflows to save even more time. 

Set up coupons, QR codes, surveys, contests, and more based on custom triggers and drive traffic wherever you want your broadcast messaging, whether it’s a website or a physical location.

High transparency

SMS has an open rate of 95%, while email has only 11%. You also don’t have to worry about spam filtering through SMS or similar problems with email. High open rates are one of the biggest benefits of SMS broadcasting. Consumers open 98% of text. This gives text messages more power than any other marketing channel.

Single messaging

Communicating with people on your text list can help you answer questions, resolve any issues, and provide fast customer support. In fact, about 45% of people respond to branded text blasts.

With the broadcast messaging platform, incoming messages won’t count toward your message total, so you can easily have private conversations. When one of your contacts replies to a text, we’ll create a private thread in your inbox, so you can easily manage contacts and view your message history.


You can easily track the ROI of your SMS broadcast marketing campaign. It’s as simple as adding a unique virtual number as a CTA in the body of an SMS.


Today, many people use their mobile phones to do all sorts of things. Your business needs to be mobile so that more people can use your services. Being a mobile-friendly SMS broadcaster can be a critical asset to your mobile marketing strategy.

Internal communication

Broadcast text can be useful for keeping your team organized. Whether it’s sending regular schedule updates, informing employees of last-minute changes, or managing applications for new hires, mass messaging simplifies internal communication.

Additionally, if an employee requests a shift change or has a question, you can resolve the request through your personal folder without fear of the entire team responding.

User friendly

In 2-3 easy steps, you can send personalized SMS to many subscribers. Simply upload your contact information and plan your campaign.

Time-sensitive messages and reminders

Because broadcast text is sent in seconds, flash sales, mealtime promotions, delivery notifications, etc. perfect for time sensitive messages like

Use the latest SMS Broadcast for scheduled reminders. Text can be easily customized and personalized to include names, dates and times, locations, and other relevant information. Once set up, you can use broadcast messages to send invoices and payment reminders.

Collect feedback

Reviews are more important than ever because 95% of consumers read reviews before making a purchase. Not only that, but 67% of people don’t trust high reviews unless they include written reviews.

With broadcast communication by Asterisk2Voip, you can easily follow up with customers after they purchase a product or service and ask for a review – and even add a link to your own review platform. This is an easy way to improve your brand reputation and customer satisfaction.


Texting is a cheaper marketing option than other advertising options. Even if you’re sending a message to a lot of people, it’s cheaper than buying Facebook ad space.

SMS broadcasts are a cheap and great option for SMBs or businesses that are just starting out and don’t have a huge marketing budget.


As the trusted leader in SMS marketing, Asterisk2Voip brings all your broadcast text message needs to one place. 

Some of the most popular features and functions include:

  • Automated Workflow
  • Built-in Compatibility
  • Fanatic Support at Home
  • Complete Analytics
  • Personal Mailbox

Our Consultants offer solutions tailored to your business needs. Whether it’s for marketing, sales, customer success or improving operations, Asterisk2Voip will be the best alternative in terms of cost and ROI.


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