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What is SMS Broadcasting?

SMS Broadcasting is a system for sending text messages to thousands of people at once. It allows you to send text messages to your large targeted audience. SMS broadcasting is mostly used for notifications, offers, alerts and announcements. It is a quick and effective way to reach a large audience. Manually typing the numbers and sending them can cause mistakes and sending text messages to everyone also takes more time. So it is best to use SMS broadcasting software for this.


Quick Message Delivery

You can deliver your message to a large audience in minutes. For this, create, schedule and activate the text message.


Send Thousands Of Messages

With SMS broadcasting, not just one message, but thousands of messages can be delivered to hundreds of people quickly and efficiently.


Schedule Your Broadcasts For SMS

Automatically send SMS by scheduling them days, weeks and months in advance.



Easy to Use

You can broadcast SMS easily. Just create a text message, upload a contact list and schedule and send.


Group Messaging

You can create a group of your targeted customers and send messages to that group.


Personalized SMS

With the help of SMS broadcasting software, you can make it personal by mentioning the name of the customer in SMS.



Create a schedule to automatically send SMS in advance.


Carrier Management

SMS can easily make a carriers in broadcasting and can also manage.



You can get detailed reports of how many messages have been sent and when.

Major Benefits

SMS broadcasting is a cheaper marketing option than other advertising options.

The message can be personalized by adding the customer’s name and address.

Many people are using mobile phones. So with SMS broadcasting you can reach the audience from everywhere.

SMS is faster and more effective than email and it attracts new customers.

Get instant feedback by sending instant text messages to your target audience.

SMS broadcasting is an easy & direct marketing system. Increase your sales by sending SMS directly to customers.

Higher open rate then Email

High open rates are one of the biggest benefits of SMS broadcasting. Consumers open 98% of text. This gives text messages more power than any other marketing channel. Not only is SMS easy to use, it’s also simple and easy for your customers. Everyone knows how to read and respond to text messages. SMS text messages have a higher “open rate” than email. Oftentimes, emails get lost in spam folders and promotional messages that most subscribers don’t want to open. But not so with text messages; the message you send directly to the customer’s inbox encourages them to open the received message.

Build Profitable Relationship

Ask any marketer and they will tell you the biggest benefit of SMS is speed. SMS provides a direct link to customers – simplifying your marketing strategy. Text messaging is designed to reach anyone with a modern mobile device and cell phone signal. So you can reach millions of people anytime, anywhere. As a direct way to communicate, you can also have a two-way conversation with your customers. This, in turn, helps strengthen relationships and increase loyalty. SMS is one of the most direct ways to communicate with customers, apart from face-to-face meetings and direct calls.


Personally Conversations

Use SMS automation to easily include customer names and other information in your messages. So it’s like you’re talking directly to every customer – but behind the scenes, you only have to click ‘send’ once. SMS is a very personal message because it is sent directly to each customer. Cell phones are very personal devices, so people often respond at a more personal pace. You can make this even better by sending a personal message to each person. This will get their attention. This will definitely increase the likelihood of a sale.

Powerful Engagement

Did you know that 7.26 billion people own a cell phone? That’s more than 91% of the world’s population. Not all of these phones are smartphones – they may not feature the latest apps or email tools. But of course, they can receive and reply to SMS messages. You can easily reach a large target audience through text messages. With SMS broadcasting, you can reach people using mobile phones all over the world with one click. SMS is one of the available channels; With a 97% read rate within 15 minutes, you can be sure that your time-critical messages will be read immediately. A whopping 45% of SMS campaigns produce a successful ROI.



Yes, you can send bulk SMS campaigns by our software. For that you just need to upload a list of contacts and schedule it on your dashboard.

From SMS marketing to staff security alerts, there are many ways you can use SMS broadcasting software like, promotions and offers, notifications, discount, appointments and reminders etc.

Yes, it is completely legal. However, there are a set of rules that one must adhere to. Until a business sticks to these rules, it is perfectly alright to conduct SMS broadcasting.

SMS broadcasting will help businesses by cutting their marketing costs, personalized SMS can help building better customer relationships, it is easy to track and helps with increasing customer awareness.

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