Voice Broadcasting Software


Voice Broadcasting Software

Voice broadcasting is capable of sending pre-recorded messages to large groups of people. It sends messages to your targeted audience instantly. Feedback from customers can be obtain by using IVR feature in voice broadcasting. It is use for feedback and surveyors, reminder calls, emergency alerts, promotions and offers, corporate announcements. Quickly broadcast your voice messages to thousands of people using our global and secure broadcasting software.


Record a Voice Message

First record the message you want to send to people.


Upload Contact List

After recording the message, create a contact list of your target audience and upload it.


Run the Campaign

After entering all the required information, create a campaign and run it. Your message reaches people with one click.

Key Features


Call Recording

Using this feature, conversations between agents and customers can be recorded, it can be stored and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.


Caller ID

Broadcasting software can easily target a customer for multiple calls with Caller ID support.


Call Transfer

This software transfers connected calls to other agents, so that leads can be obtained better and sales rates increase.


Real-time Analytics

Users can analyze calls with the help of reports on voice broadcasting, such as number of total calls, number of missed calls and other details.


Personalized message

Voice broadcasting software allows sending individual voice messages. You can schedule voice messages and set the right time for delivery.


Run Multiple Campaigns

Our voice broadcasting software is easy to use and you can run multiple campaigns in it.


Easy to Start

This software is cost effective and easy to start and run.



Daily and monthly reports can be generated. With the help of reports one can get a better understanding of the total number of calls and the performance of campaigns.


Interactive Dashboard

Voice broadcasting software provides users with an interactive dashboard. Users can monitor their calling activity through this dashboard. How many campaigns have been created by the user, how many leads have been generated, the number of IVRs and carriers, these detailed statistics can be seen on the first screen of the dashboard. Apart from this, the status of the calls is also displayed in a graphical form. Users can check system related information daily. In this way, users can monitor calling activities from the interactive dashboard. The dashboard of our voice broadcasting software is fully responsive which you can access on any device at any time and continue your work.

Campaign Management

For marketing teams specifically, our VoIP system makes it easier to organize and implement campaigns, analyze your results, and track the performance of your sales team. Users can easily create multiple campaigns in our voice broadcasting software. Any user can add and edit campaigns easily. Action column has an edit symbol and red button. When the user clicks on the red button, the campaign runs and the red button turns green. Thus voice broadcasting is done by running the campaign.


Lead Management

Generating leads for a business is a difficult process, but it is also a necessary one. So, we have made the process of lead generation easy in our voice broadcasting software. Users can easily upload leads into voice broadcasting. Voice broadcasting is consider to be a more profitable tool for lead generation and it also increases the customer response rate.

Carrier Management

Carrier management is a division of transportation that enables businesses to monitor and manage carrier performance through carrier scorecards, contract and rate management, and claims management. Users can easily create and manage carriers in voice broadcasting. Other details can be add in the carrier by going to the edit action like, username, password, domain IP, prefix.


Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVR is an automated phone system technology with call routing capabilities. Voice broadcasting with IVR is the best way to inform employees in the event of an emergency in businesses. Apart from this, voice broadcasting is also use to inform about new job opportunities. Interested consultants can give their feedback by selecting the appropriate option using the mobile keypad. If they want to know more information they are transfer to an agent.

Live Calls and CDR Reports

Users can check the status of live calls on the live call screen in voice broadcasting. When voice broadcasting starts and calls start going, the total number of calls, the number of dialed calls, the number of remaining calls and the number of unanswered calls can be seen on the dashboard. These details can also be seen in graphical form. Users can also get reports of daily, monthly or specific time. You can also download and store CDR reports.


“You can also Watch Demo of Our voice broadcasting Software”

We provide a live demo of our voice broadcasting software “Watch Our Demo and See How It’s Working?”

Major Benefits

Voice broadcasting software enables you to reach large audiences with just a few clicks.

You can easily create a list of people’s contact numbers and send personalized messages.

Can generate more leads with less investment.

You can also get feedback from customers by using IVR feature.

Using voice broadcasting software increases employee productivity and prioritizes their activities.

Voice broadcasting is self-administered so there is less chance of human errors.


Voice broadcasting is used in political campaigns, emergency notifications, education industries, promotions, appointment reminders, event invitations, surveys, updates etc.

There are simple three steps of using voice broadcasting software:

1) Upload contact list and audio message
2) Create a campaign
3) Run campaign by click on start button

These features should be considered when choosing voice broadcasting: IVR, Call transfer, Call recording, Call scheduling, Real time Reports etc.

Channels depend on your VoIP providers.

Complete Guide About Voice Broadcasting

Here we provide complete information and guide about our voice broadcasting software in PDF form

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