What is Dialer Software? Explain Its Types & Features

November 8, 2022


A dialer is an automated system that places calls to customers from an outbound call center or a hybrid call center.

The goal of this software is to reduce phone costs by eliminating repetitive and error-prone tasks.

What is a Dialer Software?

Dialer software provided by Asterisk2voip is software that automates the process of dialing numbers in a call center. As opposed to manual dialing, it automatically dials the phone number from the selected contact list on behalf of the call center agent.

Basically, a dialer is a system that manages outgoing and incoming calls in a call center. The goal is to reduce costs associated with phone calls and eliminate repetitive tasks.

Dialers also increase the amount of time agents spend talking to customers because they don’t have to spend time physically entering phone numbers. After the phone is answered, the call center call, also known as automatic dialer software or voice dialer, connects the customer with a live or interactive human voice response.

The right automated call software is more than just an automated call solution, as it brings intelligence and analytics to the outbound process to improve agent productivity and call center efficiency.

Dialer increases efficiency by connecting agents directly to customers because it’s free.

What are the Different Types of Dialers?

There are several various dialing systems available today:

Power Dialer

Power Dialer is an automated phone system that connects customers and agents more efficiently by focusing on direct connections instead of manual dialing. Dynamic calling differs from progressive and predictive calling in that it uses manually configured calling agent interactions. When an agent is available, the system automatically rotates the next contact based on the engagement. With this configuration, the cost of automatic calls to the contact center is ultimately controlled.

By automating outbound calls, the power dialer maximizes the time agents spend talking to customers.

The most powerful panelist offers time zone rules and phone and call messaging features. This allows you to customize your phone to suit your business phone system and performance. The powerful dialer offers a simple phone mode. The calling agent sees that the call has ended and immediately calls the next number on your list. If the recipient answers, the caller calls the agent. If there is no answer, the caller moves to the next number.

Predictive Dialer

A mobile phone is an automated phone system that automatically dials numbers from a contact list. Once the phone is automatically connected, the caller directs them to an available agent for further interaction. As the name suggests, predictive dialing comes with a built-in algorithm to predict when the next call will be placed, as it analyzes when the agent will receive the next call.

Unlike predictive and power users, predictive dialer dials multiple phone numbers at once. Additionally, they use a step algorithm to determine when an agent will be available to handle the next outbound call. Auto dialers put the phone out before you end the current call. Therefore, predictive dialer is more effective than other auto dialer software in improving the relationship between customers and sales agents.

Many call centers today use predictive calling to speed up large-scale outreach campaigns by contacting more customers and prospects in a shorter amount of time. But the call center must deploy enough agents to reduce call drops or replace calls when using predictive calling.

New-age cloud-based predictive calling software comes with powerful features to help call centers round up customer contact numbers in a timely manner. It also helps administrators reduce dropped calls with multiple customization options. Administrators can use customization options to control the loop rate and call speed.

Mobile Phone deploys an algorithm-based call engine that initiates automatic outbound calls from call campaigns in the background for call center agents before connecting the call to a live person. Mobile phone engines automatically start phone numbers for contact lists, in particular, phone campaigns. The call center also allows the call center manager to configure various call mode parameters for customized call ring speed on request.

With Asterisk2VOIP predictive dialer, make calls with fewer mistakes because it is easy to predict which agent will be ready to answer your call as soon as possible. Best for contact centers that want to increase sales agent contact rates or manage them more efficiently. Cell phones call multiple numbers at once using an algorithm to detect two things:

When the agent will be available and the likelihood that the agent will move to the customer in question.

Adaptive Dialer

In most cases, an adaptive dialer offers the same functionality as a predictive dialer. This is usually the case with things like “dynamic dialers” – functionality depends on vendors and contact center integration strategies.

If you have a strong contact center integration strategy in place, an adaptive dialer can leverage and leverage data from sources like your call center CRM or cloud-based support software.

In practice, this means that your callers can base some of their decisions on what they already know about the customer. Is it expensive or risky?

All of these use some form of algorithm or mechanism to make decisions:

– When to call

– The probability of having an employee.

Progressive Dialer

Unlike the forward caller, the forward caller does not allow the agent to decide whether to call or transfer the phone number. Instead, the auto dialer software places the next outgoing call as soon as the current call ends.

Auto Dialer software allows agents to access key customer information during outgoing calls.

The customization options provided by cloud-based power users allow managers to determine call ratios based on campaign needs and agent availability. Most call centers use progressive calling to increase upsell and upsell activity.

With Asterisk2voip Progressive Dialer, get the convenience of making phone calls with the peace of mind that your customers will be connected to a live agent every time, with a smart power user every time. This dialer is best for listing leads, where quality communication with individuals means more than the number of calls.

Preview Dialer

A pre-roller is a feature that empowers call center agents by providing them with quick information updates about their next contact, so they prepare before calling.

Finally, it connects the sales agent before connecting the phone to the customer. Predictive dialers give agents flexibility in calling by removing numbers from the list and moving on to the next contact.

These call center operators are ideal for solving complex outbound sales process challenges that require higher sales leads. The preview is forward and the preview is the same. Simplify call search and selection so call center agents can focus on developing a personal connection for each call with Asterisk2voip Preview Dialer. This call software gives agents time to research and prepare for high-sensitivity, high-value interactions.

Key Features of Dialer Software

Key features of Asterisk2voip Dialer software include: Voicemail recording, answering machine discovery, call recording, workflow automation, caller ID, caller CRM integration and automatic integration of call distribution software and other operating system integration.

Let’s explore the features.

features of dialer software

Unproductive Number Detection

The automated call service uses advanced technology to intelligently identify numbers with different performance – voicemail, answering machine, no answer, multiples and missed calls. So, they only transfer the calls that are answered or directly to call center agents. This feature helps call centers improve agent efficiency and productivity by identifying and avoiding productive numbers.

DNC/DND List Filtering

When conducting phone campaigns, call centers must ensure that numbers appearing on the Do Not Call (DNC) or Do Not Disturb (DND) lists are not called. Violation of the DNC / DND list makes them liable for heavy fines.

New age auto dialer software helps call centers comply with DNC/DND rules by implementing DND filtering. This feature helps call centers run outbound call campaigns without spamming contacts.

CRM Integration

Businesses can integrate a cloud-based car phone with their existing customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Most businesses today use CRM systems to manage customer data and streamline customer interactions. By integrating CRM systems with cloud-based auto dialer software, they can automatically update customer information.

Contact List Management

A cloud-based automated phone system makes it easy for users to import phone numbers from a database or spreadsheet by providing a contact list loader.

Users can better manage their existing customers and leads efficiently using the contact list management features provided by automated calling software.

Time Zone Management

Trusted car phones come with special features to simplify outbound call campaign management. For example, they help agents make outbound calls or call prospects at the most convenient time for customers by adjusting time zones.

Some callers automatically adjust time zones for campaigns based on the geographic location of their contacts.

Call Transfer Options

Agents can access cloud-based car calls online. This feature helps call centers run outbound call campaigns without investing in expensive equipment.

Dialing Rate and Speed Customization

Cloud-based auto dialers are easier to use, customize and extend than traditional outbound phone systems. This allows the manager to adjust the call rate and the call rate according to the exact needs of the individual outbound call campaign.

Configurable call ratios make it easy for administrators to initiate outgoing calls based on available numbers. Managers can further customize the phone relationship to help with complex customer situations.

Message Broadcasting

In addition to speeding up the outgoing call campaign, automated calls help businesses distribute different voice messages to a large number of customers and take shape at the same time.

Both B2B and B2C businesses use this feature to send campaign messages, service notifications, event notifications, and reminders as broadcast campaign messages to customers without deploying additional agents.

Press 1 Campaigns

Along with news broadcasts, car callers help businesses gather customer feedback, conduct market research, and conduct opinion polls by launching media 1 campaigns. The cloud-based automated phone service allows customers to share responses by pressing a special button after listening to a pre-recorded voice message.

Many businesses today launch press1 campaigns to accelerate lead generation and customer feedback collection.

Interactive Dashboard

Managers can scale up or down the cloud-based mobile phone based on campaign requirements and contact database size.

The interactive dashboard provided by the automated calling software helps managers to continuously monitor and review outgoing campaigns. Managers can use interactive dashboards to monitor various activities and evaluate performance based on results and statistics.

Real-Time Call Monitoring

Cloud-based dialers allow managers or supervisors to monitor live calls or ongoing conversations. Administrators can use the web-based portal provided by the automated phone system to listen to conversations taking place between agents and customers, as well as to verify phone calls.

Real-time call monitoring helps managers evaluate the performance of exit agents and implement necessary changes to strengthen exit campaigns.

Call Recording

In addition to making it easy to monitor calls in real-time, cloud-based auto dialer software also records every outgoing call. They record calls in HD audio and store audio files in the cloud.

This feature helps managers measure agent performance and identify agent inefficiencies by reviewing recorded conversations between agents and customers. This feature helps call centers resolve customer disputes and fulfill claims.

Callback Scheduling

Sometimes agents fail to connect with customers on the first attempt. Call or lead back customers to conduct telemarketing activities.

Cloud-based car calling allows agents to reconnect with customers by scheduling calls. The callback scheduling feature helps call centers improve customer engagement and develop telemarketing campaigns.

Real-Time Reporting

Cloud-based auto dialer software allows decision makers to generate a variety of reports based on real-time statistical data.

Managers can use the dashboard to generate reports without spending extra time and effort. Reports generated based on real call data help managers monitor and measure the performance of various outbound call campaigns.

This feature makes it easy for call centers to run multiple outbound campaigns simultaneously.

Downtime Minimization

Both dynamic dialers and predictive dialers help call centers increase agent productivity and reduce downtime by reducing the time interval between two consecutive outgoing calls. Strong callers put the phone out as soon as an agent is available to handle the next call, reducing downtime.

Similarly, predictive dialers increase agent productivity by dialing multiple numbers simultaneously. The agent dialed the number before completing the current call.

Agent Script Uploading

Cloud-based preview allows administrators to upload agent scripts. This feature helps the agent to enter the scenario while interacting with the customers. By following specific instructions and getting relevant information at the right time, agents can refer to scripts to improve call quality and increase sales conversions.

Data Security

Cloud-based auto dialers help call centers manage contact lists and customer data efficiently. In addition to storing data in a secure data center, it allows administrators to impose restrictions on data access.

The security features provided by new-age auto dialer software help call centers prevent data breaches and data loss while ensuring business continuity and speeding up disaster recovery.

In general, call centers have a wide variety of automated call software options to choose from. Each type of automated phone system supports a specific calling pattern. Automated call services also differ in terms of features.

For decision makers, it is important to keep in mind the exact goals and requirements of an outbound calling campaign when comparing the important features of automatic calling software.

Most cloud phone service providers allow call centers to access standard dialers, power dialers, and predictive dialers based on a pay-as-you-go model.

In addition, it allows call centers to customize and expand their automated call system according to their exact campaign needs.


The ideal caller should be deeply embedded in the technology and calling processes around your business.

Asterisk2voip Dialer software solutions increase your agents’ productivity and reduce downtime so they can contact more people per hour.


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