Interactive Voice Response


What is IVR?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated phone system that greets customers with a pre-recorded message via a voice response system. It delivers the customers to the right agent or department. The right IVR system helps in increasing customer satisfaction and finding answers to their queries. IVR system makes it possible to provide 24/7 support to customers and saves their time. The customer uses the phone’s keypad to press a key as specified in a pre-recorded message. When the customer presses the key, the call is automatically connect to an agent.

Example: “Press 1 for Connect with HR”, “Press 2 for Service”, “Press 3 for Support”. When the customer presses 1 key, the call is automatically connect to HR.


Customer Calls Business

For customer support many businesses who require to provide customer support provide a specific toll-free number to their customers. When the customer needs support, he calls the number.


Customer Prompted by IVR

When a customer calls, the IVR system greets him with a pre-recorded message and prompts him to press a specific key to connect with a specific agent or department.


Call Routed to Right Agent or Department

When the customer presses the key, his call is intelligently routed to the right agent or department.



Live Panel

Agents can view real-time call logs and statistics in the live panel and track easily live calls.


Call Routing

This feature routes each inbound call to the appropriate agent or department.


Greeting Messages

Greet your customers professionally with a pre-recorded message.


Call Filter

Large call volumes of businesses can be handle with the filtering feature.


Call Queuing

Call queuing helps in redirecting inbound calls to specific departments and keeping them organized.


API Integration

Integrate various business processes and numerous data sources with IVR using this feature.


Real-Time Reporting

Monitor real-time performance and troubleshoot issues with reports.


24×7 Support

Provide 24/7 customer support and automatically route the calls to the right agent.


Single-level IVR

A single level IVR is an automated structure that utilizes the auto receptionist facility. It is capable of automatically answering with custom recordings. Single level IVR is used for suitable situations. Mostly occur in places where fewer inbound calls are handled.

Multi-level IVR

This is an authentic menu structure that extends the capabilities of the auto receptionist. When a caller makes a call, it redirects the call to the agent who can provide the best support. Multi-level IVR provides different levels of menus. Multi-level IVRs are ideal for big businesses where large inbound call volumes are handled.


Major Benefits

IVR is able to connect customers to get answers to their questions with the agent who can provide the best customer support.

The receptionist may accidentally connect the caller to the wrong department thereby frustrating the caller. But IVR connects the caller with the right department.

IVRs can be customized as needed to give more insight into the overall brand.

A large number of calls can be handled and the waiting time of the caller can be reduced.

VR helps the customer solve a specific problem. As a result, customer satisfaction increases.

By using this system, no human receptionist is needed to answer calls. Therefore, the cost of business also reduces.


Be Available 24/7

Businesses can give their customers permission to connect with them at any time with the help of IVR. When the customers call on the business’s IVR number, the IVR menu opens and provides the customers with options. After the customer selects the option, the call is redirected to the appropriate agent. At this time IVR works as a receptionist. With the help of the IVR system, your business remains open 24/7 for your customers and you can provide the best support to your customers. It helps in giving more satisfaction to your customers.

Handle Large Inbound Call Volumes

IVR has the ability to handle large inbound call volumes by intelligently routing each inbound call to the appropriate agent or department. For example, if a customer wants to make an inquiry only, his call is properly routed to the inquiry department, who can answer every question of the customers in a perfect way. Once a call can be mistakenly connect to the wrong agent or department by a human receptionist, but there is no possibility of such a mistake in IVR. So, the best option is to use the IVR system instead of a human receptionist.


Enhance Customer Experience

Emphasis on customer service is essential to accelerate the growth of businesses. IVR is a successful routing service. IVR automatically connects customer calls to the right representative without wasting time. So customers feel that businesses know the value of their time. Answering customer queries at the right time is beneficial for increasing customer satisfaction. The IVR menu is customize and easy to use. IVR is the best tool for better customer experience.

Build Professional Brand Image

A successful brand image can be created with the help of IVR. A multi-level IVR menu routes the customer’s calls to different departments. Customer satisfaction can be increase by quickly routing customer calls to the appropriate department. Which can be a strong foundation for creating a professional brand image for the business. IVR is an ideal way to enhance the customer experience.



The IVR system allows the caller to be connected to the appropriate agent or department. When the caller calls the business number, the IVR screen opens and welcomes the caller with a greeting message. IVR menu opens and offers different options to connect to different departments. Example: “Press 1 for inquiry”, “Press 2 for support”, “press 3 for billing”. When a caller presses 1 key, IVR connects them to the inquiry department. This connects the caller with the appropriate department by pressing a key.

IVR is especially useful for businesses that need to provide 24-hour customer support. IVR enhances customer experience and increases their satisfaction. With the help of IVR, customers can connect with businesses anytime and get answers to their queries.

There are two types of IVR: Single level IVR and Multi level IVR

Due to these reasons, you should implement the IVR System in your businesses: Increase customer experience, Provide 24/7 customer service, Increase customer satisfaction, Make strong brand image, Improve Agent performance, Reduce manual errors etc.

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