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What is Dialer Software ?

Dialer is a call center software, which is use in outbound call centers and blended call centers. Dialer increases the efficiency of agents by connecting them directly with customers. It automatically dials telephone numbers from a list, eliminating the need for manual dialing by agents and allowing them to focus on talking. After a call is complete, it automatically dials another number from the list and reduces waiting time between calls. Dialer software is use by businesses involved in telecommunications other than call centers. Asterisk2VoIP’s dialer software increases business productivity and sales by speeding up the communication process.

Predictive Dialer

Predictive Dialer is an automated calling system. It automatically dials numbers from the contact list until it finds a connection. It predicts when agents will be available to make the next call and a predictive dialer dials another number only when the agent is near the end of a call.

Auto Dialer

Auto Dialer automatically dials numbers from the contact list by eliminating manual dialing. It increases agents’ talk time by reducing waiting time between calls. It focuses more on dialing. Auto dialers are use more for telemarketing and customer support.

Progressive Dialer

Progressive Dialer is an automated dialing system similar to Predictive Dialer. It is use in outbound call centers to make outbound calls. The dialer informs the customer of the relevant information before dialing each number and it initiates the call when the agent indicates that the information has been read.

Preview Dialer

Preview dialer is the easiest dialing system. A preview dialer sends the customer’s information to the agent before placing a call. The agent will either proceed with the call or reject it and move on to the next number in the contact list. This type of dialer is more useful where every call is given importance.


Real-time Dashboard

Dialer provides an interactive dashboard. Managers can monitor agents’ performance by checking Real-time reports from the dashboard. How many agents are currently logged in, total number of calls, active calls and ringing calls statistics are shown in the main dashboard. Details of inbound and outbound calls are shown in graphical reports and performance of agents is also shown in graph form. Apart from this, call status, browser usage details and campaign details can also be viewed in the dashboard. All activities of manager agents can be monitored by analyzing these details.

Multi-campaign Management

Managers and supervisors can create multiple campaigns from a single login in Dialer. With campaign management, controlling campaigns is not a big deal. Managers or agents can customize, create, update and delete campaign as per their needs.

Reports and Analytics

Our dialer software provides real-time and interactive reporting to monitor your agents’ performance and improve their efficiency. This includes real-time reports, inbound-outbound calling reports, agent reports, time clock reports and other reports. Dialer software automatically generates hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly reports. With the help of these reports, managers can monitor the performance of all the agents of the call center. You can store these reports and access them anytime.

Agent Performance Dashboard

Dialer provides an Agent Performance Dashboard, which enables agents to perform all outbound and inbound call operations. Agents can call customers, pick up inbound calls, record and forward calls with the help of the dashboard. In this way the agents can complete all operations easily. Agents can view records of customers on the dashboard if the CRM system is integrated with the dashboard.

Key Features
asterisk2voipKey Features

Key Features


Interactive Dashboard

Dialer software has an interactive dashboard that allows managers to monitor outbound campaigns and evaluate the performance of their agents.


Real-Time Analytics

Dialer enables managers to analyze the real-time performance of their agents. How many calls made by which agents can be known.


Call Recording

In dialer, each call can be recorded which is beneficial for managers in analyzing the performance of their agents. It also helps in resolving call center disputes.


CRM Integration

Managing customer data is essential to streamlining customer interactions. By integrating CRM with the dialer, customer data can be updated automatically.


Press-1 Campaign

Agents can easily transfer calls and manage inbound calls with the press-1 campaign feature. It also saves your business time and money.


CallBack Scheduling

Completely grow multimedia based content before global agent cannot connect with the customer help of this feature, agents reconnect customers.

Major Benefits
asterisk2voipMajor Benefits

Major Benefits

  • Eliminate the various call constraints like manual dialing, excessive wait time and call drops, affecting the operational efficiency.
  • Dialer software automatically dials numbers. So it reduces waiting time and there is no need to do manual dialing. As a result, agent talk time increases.
  • Boost your agent’s efficiency by eliminating manual dialing and reduce idle time.
  • Increase your business productivity and sales by generating more leads.
  • Keep customer’s records by integrating the CRM system with Dialer and improve your customer experience.
  • Managers can perform real-time monitoring of agents’ performance through customizable dashboards.


The dialer software automatically dials numbers from the list thus eliminating manual dialing and saving dialing time and reducing waiting time of agents. Most businesses use dialer software to communicate with customers as dialer software has many important features that help them grow their business. Dialer software saves businesses time and money by seamlessly connecting agents with more potential customers and increasing customer satisfaction.

Dialer software has five types of dialer and a call center mostly uses the following types of dialer: Predictive Dialer and Auto Dialer. Predictive Dialer is used to predict when an agent will be available to speak with customers. Whereas an auto dialer automatically dials numbers from the contact list and connects agents with more customers.

These features should be considered while choosing a dialer software: Call recording, Call monitoring, Call Transfer, IVR, CRM integration, Reporting etc.