VoIP Billing Software


What is VoIP Billing Software?

The VoIP Billing System is used to manage the billing process. It is easy to use. Asterisk2Voip has developed a VoIP billing system using advanced technologies with essential features. It makes the billing process for businesses easy to manage, track, pay and generate reporting. Bills are generated automatically by this system, so the possibility of errors in billing is minimal. Our advanced system can be customized as per requirement. It automatically generates accurate bills by updating financial history.



Rates Management

With the help of our VoIP billing software, you can handle recharge and rates easily.


Multiple Payment Gateways

Multiple payment gateway options are provided for payment in this system.



Automatically generate invoices and bills for postpaid and prepaid customers.


Customer Management

Engage customers from businesses efficiently and effectively with billing software.


Live Call Monitoring

You can monitor and check the status and traffic of live calls.


Easy Signup

Billing software provides a signup option with the help of which any customer can sign up easily.


Multiple Currencies

VoIP Billing Software allows generating invoices and bills in multiple currencies.


Real-time Reporting

Generate real-time reports of calls and analyze billing activity using them.

Major Benefits

Easily manage discounts and rates.

Quickly and accurately generate and manage invoices and bills.

VoIP Billing Software is an advanced billing system that automatically generates bills. So no additional resources are required.

Multiple Payment Gateway features allow you to accept payments both online and offline.

It provides various reports like payment and call data records of postpaid and prepaid customers.

It maximizes ROI by reducing expenses.


VoIP billing software can create unlimited users and you can control charging, payment, and data reporting. Handle business billing activities with VoIP billing software.

Yes, you can generate your bills in multiple languages and currencies in our VoIP billing software.

You can manage rates easily, updating and changing termination rates, importing rate sheets can be done quickly in our VoIP billing software.

Yes, our billing system supports all major payment gateways like PayPal.

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Easy to Use

Our software is very easy to use. Grow your business by using our software.


Superior Quality

We provide our software with superior voice quality. So, achieve your success by using our software.


Advanced Features

Our Software has all the necessary features that make your business more profitable.


Secure & Reliable

We are highly secure and most reliable solutions provider in communication business.