PBX System


What is a PBX?

PBX is a private branch exchange, used as a private telephone network in businesses and organizations to talk to each other. Inbound and outbound calls can be made and calling activity can be managed with the help of PBX system. It includes some essential features with the help of which the user can communicate activity efficiently. Such as, call transfer, IVR, call recording, call queuing and extensions. PBX uses Voice Over Internet Protocol.




Auto-attendant allows callers to connect to the appropriate person or department by pressing a specific number.


Using this feature, you can record a message and send it to the entire team.



Intelligently redirect your inbound calls to different departments with the help of IVR feature.


Call Forwarding

The PBX system can forward inbound calls to another number or voicemail.


Call Recording

You can record all your outbound and inbound calls and save that recording for a long time.


Unlimited Extensions

You can add unlimited extensions to the PBX system.


Ring Groups

This feature allows employees with the same roles to be grouped together. So that the call can be forwarded to the employees of that group at the time of need.


Reporting and Analytics

Get reports of all outbound and inbound calls and analyze your business activity using these reports.

Major Benefits

The PBX system can provide a receptionist facility that allows you to access all your calls through a single number.

Connect multiple office locations with a single phone system using this system.

PBX is a fully open source system that can be customized as needed.

This system can be accessed anywhere with proper internet connectivity.

Expand your teams out of the country. National and international communication can be done through the PBX system.

The PBX system is scalable and easy to use.


Most Scalable and Reliable System

PBX system allows users to add or remove phone lines based on business requirements. You can relate your needs to your service provider and increase or decrease telephone lines for call operation. A dedicated PBX phone system provides reliability and consistency in communication for small businesses. A business phone system is not just a device for making and receiving calls. The best PBX systems allow you and your staff to use phone, video and text, giving you the flexibility to communicate with clients and customers in a variety of ways.

Customization on Demand

With call forwarding you can keep your business open even after business hours. For example, when working on an important project and the client is international, call forwarding is the best option in this situation. With call forwarding you can redirect the caller to your number. This way you can continue your work even after office hours.


Activate Your Phone System Instantly

Traditionally, if you call a number in your office, the call will be sent to a telephone exchange before being redirected, which can be annoying because of that. Separate phone lines are not only difficult to manage, but also more expensive. With a PBX system, all calls in the building will be routed internally. This keeps your phone system inexpensive and hassle-free. As many numbers can be connected to a hosted PBX, so you can offer local presence to your customers without adding an extra line. A PBX phone system can make and receive calls over the Internet while keeping an analog phone in the office.

Business Productivity Improvement

Hosted phone systems remove geographical barriers by offering a remote working environment. Agents can work together from different locations and can share files as well as all data available in the cloud and accessible from anywhere. It makes a perfect team, helping maintain collaboration and business continuity. Also, if there is a disaster or other unwanted situation, you can easily access your data files and provide a conducive work environment. With a distributed PBX solution, this won’t be a problem worrying about data loss; All your data will be kept safe and secure in the clouds.



PBX can meet the communication needs of multiple business locations. Virtual offices, local or international offices with different phone numbers can be efficiently set up. It’s efficient to create a unified experience for employees and customers, regardless of how many locations your business has.

VoIP eliminates many confusing fees and taxes that usually populate your ordinary phone company bill.

Ring group is a collection of PBX system users where inbound calls can be directed. The first person to answer the call will stop the other phones ringing. If it’s not answered, it’s sent to another ring group until it’s answered, terminated or sent to voicemail.

Yes, in the modern global economy, international calling capabilities are a must. A cloud or hosted PBX provides this service.

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