SoundBox Dialer


What is a Soundbox Dialer?

Soundbox dialer acts as a live agent. It is used in call centers for outbound calling. Especially where international calling is done. Soundbox dialer has different buttons of sound and uploaded sound files in each button. When the agent makes a call, he can communicate with the customers by pressing call only buttons. When the button is clicked, the files contained in that button are run and the speech contained in those files is heard by the customer and they give a response. Soundbox Dialer works in the same way as Dialer software. It automatically calls customers. In the dialer, the agent communicates with the customer by himself, whereas in the soundbox dialer, the customer is communicated with by clicking on the buttons.




Soundbox Dialer is one type of dialer software. Which is used in call centers for outbound calling.


CRM Integration

CRM can be integrated with this system and customer records can be maintained. Customers’ records can be transferred to other agents.


Call Recording

You can record every inbound and outbound call so that you can use them to solve the problems of call centers if needed.


Call Transfer

Transfer calls to another agent with customers’ records for lead generation.



You can communicate with customers by clicking on the sound buttons in the scripts.



Analyze the performance of your agents with the help of agent performance reports. Apart from this, Soundbox Dialer provides reports of various types.

Major Benefits

Soundbox Dialer is a cost effective solution. It reduces per calling cost in call centers.

You can generate more leads by clicking on voice buttons.

Manage both inbound and outbound calls.

Transfer calls to another agent with records of customers.

Increases sales and productivity of businesses with lower calling costs.

Reduces International Calling Costs Using Soundbox Dialer.


Work as a Live Agent

Soundbox dialer acts as a live agent. When the call starts, the agent clicks on the sound buttons and the sound file in the buttons is run. The customer handles the speech from the file and gives the reply to the agent. The customer feels like they are talking to a live agent. It can also record conversations between agents and customers. You can manage inbound and outbound calls in the soundbox dialer.

Easily Generate Leads

It helps generate more leads by saving agents time. Soundbox Dialer is an automatic calling system and it makes automatic calls. With the help of this system leads can be generated efficiently. It also has advanced features that help in generating leads like, Call transfer, CRM integration, High Sound Quality, Reporting etc.


Analyse Agent’s Performance

Soundbox Dialer provides modified agents’ performance reports. Managers can analyze the performance of agents with the help of these reports. How many total calls the agents make, how many calls are transferred out of them, how many calls are not answered, which agents are spending more time on the call, all these details can be known with the help of reports.

Boost Business Productivity

If you are thinking about your business productivity then by using this system you can boost your business productivity. An increase in productivity will automatically increase your sales. Soundbox Dialer makes automatic calls so agents connect with more customers. As a result, agents’ efficiency improves and they generate more leads. Thus increasing business productivity is the main benefit of Soundbox Dialer.



It is a simple way to easily communicate with customers and generate leads. There are some voice buttons in the soundbox dialer. When agents do call and customers reply to their calls, agents do press the voice button. Thus, it works as a live agent.

Yes, you can transfer calls in the soundbox dialer to another agent when the call is answered by a live person.

Businesses are using call centers to increase their sales and calling cost is very high in many developed countries like the US. They open their call center in any other country where they feel the cost is less, so they can spend less on each call. These businesses use a soundbox dialer for agents to manage customers easily.

It is a cost effective and easy solution for business. Because, soundbox dialer increases business’s productivity by reducing calling cost and generating more leads. So, businesses need a soundbox dialer to increase their business.

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