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What is Call Forwarding?

Call forwarding is a call management system that allows you to route your inbound calls to another number. Call forwarding is also called “call transfer” and “DID management”. Whether on vacation or after work hours, you can route your important business calls to your mobile phone and work from there. These calls may be from an important client of yours or related to a project you are working on. By using our call forwarding software you can handle your inbound calls from anywhere on any device.


Forward Calls at Anytime, Anywhere

You can forward your inbound calls anytime anywhere. Especially when you are on vacation or working continuously even after office hours.


Forward calls on any device

Calls can be forward to any number with the help of call forwarding software. That can be the number of home phones or mobile phones. When an employee is out of office, calls can be forward to his mobile phone.



Custom Call Routing

Call routing options can be customize in call forwarding. Allow callers to find their answers without forward work.


Call Recording

Record conversation between employee and caller with one easy click. Especially when meeting on call. You can store recordings for a long time.


Smart Call Forwarding

Avoid miss your calls by forwarding calls to any device anytime. With call forwarding software you can forward calls smartly.



Calls can be sent to voicemail when an employee is not available to answer the call.


DID management

Easily DID can be manage in call forwarding. Hence it is also called “DID management” system.


Call Transfer

With the help of this feature, a caller’s live call can be transfer to another employee instantly.


Call Queuing

When the inbound calls volume increases and all employees are busy on call, the calls can be put in the queue.


Reporting and Analytics

Call forwarding software also provides live call reports with the help of which the caller can analyze the interaction of each employee.

Major Benefits

With the help of call forwarding software, every inbound call can be automatically forward to another number.

Forward business calls to any device anytime. Like, an employee’s home phone or mobile phone.

You can handle your business calls during working hours and after working hours as well.

Helps improve customer experience by meeting customer expectations.

Reduce workflow by transferring the workflow of your employees to another employee.

Call forwarding makes working and traveling easier by reducing the risk of miss important business calls.

Forward inbound calls to different numbers based on time of day by creating custom schedules.

Forward calls by applying rules based on employees’ workshifts.

Remove Missed Calls

Call forwarding software allows every inbound call to be forward to another number. When an employee is not available to take a call or is busy on another call, then the call on that number can be transfer to another employee’s number. Thus no important business call is missed. Apart from this the call can also be forwarded to the employee’s home phone or mobile phone.

Coverage After Working Hours

With call forwarding you can keep your business open even after business hours. For example, when working on an important project and the client is international, call forwarding is the best option in this situation. With call forwarding you can redirect the caller to your number. This way you can continue your work even after office hours.


Make Journey Easy for Employee

Travel is part of the job for most business employees. So when you get an important call on your number while you are traveling, call forwarding software redirects the call to your co-worker’s number. With the help of our call forwarding software, you can make your journey easier without worrying about missed calls.

Better Caller Experience

All inbound calls can be redirected to another number instantly so that your caller does not have to wait. You can redirect the caller to your colleague when you are not in a position to take the call. This way you can ensure that every call is answered without miss any calls. Thus you can make the caller experience better.



You have turned on call forwarding, your phone system will then make an outgoing call to the forwarded destination number you’ve set on in the beginning. Your phone system then bridges the two calls together, connecting the person that called your business with the forwarding number you chose.

Yes, call forwarding allows you to forward calls to any international number at low international rates.

Our call forwarding software allows you to forward and receive multiple incoming calls at once.

Yes, you can forward calls to any device like laptop, landline, cellphone, mobile etc. Calls can be easily forwarded to the number of any device.

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