Driving Innovation: Custom Development Pathways in VICIdial 

March 30, 2024

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When we talk about dialer-based software solutions, the need for tailored development pathways in VICIdial has become increasingly vital. At Asterisk2VoIP, we offer custom VICIdial development to address the prerequisites of our customer base. As a leading VICIDial Development Organization, Our VICIDial skin advancement and VICIDial theme customization are famous because of the customization of this product with better and upgraded UI and UX components.

Managing innovation demands developing the right strategy, determining clear goals your organization wants to achieve, and identifying the appropriate approaches and solutions to reach those goals. Recently, our team received feedback from a client highlighting three pressing issues affecting their VICIdial setup. 

Custom VICIdial Development Features

Voicemail drop  

You can get pre recorder voice messages straightforwardly to the client/beneficiary without ringing the telephone and upsetting them. They utilize their extra time to peruse and answer.

Interactive voice response(IVR) 

Using the call menu(IVR) to give a choice to the caller and direct the route to the proper agent. For example, we will create an IVR that allows the caller to go to sales, technical support or complaint queue. It engages the caller and directs to their interested domain of agent and saves his time.


It is an Internet-based solution that allows the agent to work from almost anywhere. If your agent has an internet connection, a computer, and a phone, Custom VICIdial development makes it possible for them to work from your contact center, their home, or just about anywhere else in the world.

Real-Time Reports 

VICIdial can likewise give reports showing day to day call counts, sales, and DNCs. You can likewise screen agent calls with VICIdial’s “click-to-listen” feature.

Predictive dialer 

Ability to utilize call metrics to predict when agents will be free to take the next call. Another part of it is that they dial multiple numbers at the same time.  The goal is to call the correct number of leads at the right time to ensure maximum agent utilization. Predictive dialers supply agents with a steady stream of calls with little-to-no downtime.

Integrated call recording  

You can automatically record all calls being received by the agents or allow the agents control over when they can start or stop recording calls.

Third-Party Integrations 

Custom VICIdial Development can integrate with different outsider devices and administrations. These incorporate email marketing software, client feedback platforms, and SMS administrations. Nonetheless, the standard combinations may not meet a business’ particular necessities. Customized third-party integrations permit organizations to utilize the tools and services they need to give a superior client experience.

Customized User Interface 

The VICIdial UI gives specialists admittance to every one of the devices and elements expected to take care of their responsibilities. In any case, the standard UI might be more natural and lined up with a business’ extraordinary necessities. Customized UIs can furnish agents with a connection point that is not difficult to utilize and lined up with their necessities. It can further develop specialist efficiency, decrease mistakes, and further develop client experience. 

Empowering Businesses with Custom VICIdial Development Pathways

This solution is likewise utilized by deeply grounded client support centers and contact centers, in light of the fact that this product is exceptionally adjustable. Custom VICIdial Development enables organizations to use their maximum capacity, tackling custom fitted solutions for upgraded efficiency and execution. A few organizations utilize this product for call centers with practically no sort of  customization.

But, adding custom elements to this open-source call center dialer software solution can help in enlarging software capacities. Through fastidious customization choices, organizations can adjust VICIdial to suit their work processes, amplifying productivity and driving development.

71% of customers expect companies to deliver tailored solutions, and 76% get frustrated when businesses don’t.

Addressing Challenges Through Customization

One of our clients experienced difficulties with report visibility and continuous real-time monitoring in Custom VICIdial Development. Upon review, it was resolved that design issues were blocking the usefulness of the dashboard and constant reports.

By carrying out custom VICIdial development and leading intensive testing, we effectively settled the issues. It guaranteed consistent activity and upgraded execution.

The Agent Module Experience

Asterisk2VoIP carefully reviewed the agent module, recognizing its assets while looking for areas for development. Customization choices stretch out to the webphone interface, giving organizations the adaptability to upgrade their communication channels. With the arrangement of source code and cooperative dialogue, our team works with progressing customization, guaranteeing that Custom VICIdial development setup keeps evolving with business necessities.

Call Recording And DNC Issues

One of the essential worries raised by our client was the baffling shortfall of call recording lengths. This exclusion upset compliance as well as endangered quality assurance protocols.

Notwithstanding the call recording issue, our client announced hardships with the DNC (Don’t Call) usefulness inside VICIdial. The failure to oversee DNC records presented huge administrative dangers and subverted the effectiveness of outbound campaigns.

Besides, our client communicated the need to integrate an “ideal time” show on the agent screen. This component would engage specialists to enhance their efforts by recognizing perfect minutes for client interaction. Our engineers at Asterisk2VoIP quickly evaluated the circumstance and formulated a fitted solution to address each issue.

Swift Solutions, Seamless Integration

  • Inside a simple 10-15 minutes, our engineers flawlessly coordinated custom fixes into the Custom VICIdial Development structure.
  • Call recording spans were immediately reestablished, guaranteeing consistency with administrative needs and supporting quality confirmation.
  • The DNC function got a truly necessary update, empowering our client to proficiently oversee DNC records and moderate consistent compliance risks.
  • The expansion of the “ideal time” included on the agent screen enabled specialists to advance their work process and improve client commitment.

Major Reasons to Invest in Custom VICIDial Development Services

It Will Add Missing Features 

As mentioned earlier, VICIDial is one of the popular open-source VoIP solutions. The minus point of being an open-source call center solution is that it does not get upgraded in terms of features and functionalities rapidly like a paid or proprietary solution for call centers. Unlike ASTPP, an open-source VoIP billing solution, all open-source VoIP solutions don’t get frequent releases with new features and functionalities and VICIDial is one of those kinds of open-source solutions. 

Custom VICIDial Development experts can help in empowering this open-source software with custom and necessary features that other proprietary call center solutions have. For instance, a disposition bucket is a must have feature to save the time of agents and increase productivity. Custom VICIdial development of features can help in adding missing features to let call centers use a competitive system. 

It Will Provide A Competitive Edge 

The call center industry faces very fierce competition like any other industry vertical. Thus, settling down with minimum features is not enough. It is necessary to add futuristic features and advanced functionalities into this open-source call center software. For instance, omnichannel communication is necessary and a majority of proprietary call center solutions already have integrated unified communication channels within the software. CRM integrated call center solution is also commonly available third party offering because it helps in the personalizing the experience of customers. 

Not adding advanced features to the dialer software will leave a business behind because call centers are already ahead of time. Custom VICIdial development is necessary to add never seen before features in the software to compete in the fierce competition. It not only helps in competing with competitors fully prepared, but it also helps in enhancing customer experience and delighting them to build a strong and unmoved business brand. 

Conclusion: Innovation Through Customization

Asterisk2VoIP stays with you in custom VICIdial Development. We offer custom-made arrangements that enable organizations to flourish in the developing business sector. We know that a single moment is fundamental for you as well. Consequently we offer help and support just after confirmation of the issue from your side. By harnessing the potential of custom VICIdial development pathways, businesses can embark on a journey of transformation, unlocking new possibilities and driving sustained growth. We provide consultation, installation and configuration of VICIDIAL at completely free of cost basis. 

You can benefit from the support of companies like ours. By teaming up with the right partner, the development procedure becomes more productive and more firmly sensitive to your business’ particular requirements.  Asterisk2VoIP helps you to quickly jump all over chances as well as plan long term business moves that line up with your association’s development strategy.


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