How VICIdial Software can boost your Call Center Efficiency

July 3, 2023


To stay ahead of the competition, call centers must leverage advanced technologies that improve efficiency and productivity.

The one such solution for this is Vicidial software powered by Asterisk2Voip, a leading provider of VOIP solutions. In this blog, we explore how Vicidial’s software can dramatically improve call center efficiency, ensuring smooth operations and a great customer experience.

What is ViciDial software? 

Vicidial is an open source call center software suite designed to streamline and automate inbound and outbound call center operations. It is a robust solution that combines various features to improve call center efficiency and productivity. Built on the open-source Asterisk telephony platform, Vicidial is highly customizable and adaptable to the specific needs of various call center environments.

Key features of Vicidial software 

Manage incoming and outgoing calls

Vicidial supports both inbound and outbound calling campaigns. Efficiently manage incoming calls including call routing, IVR (interactive voice response) menus and call queues. For outbound campaigns, it offers automatic dialing options such as predictive dialing mode, strong dialing mode, and manual dialing mode.

Agent Console

The Vicidial Agent Console is an easy-to-use interface that enables agents to effectively handle calls. It offers essential call control features such as call forwarding, call recording, call monitoring, and call conferencing. Agents can also access customer information, call scripts, and CRM integration tools from the console.

Call script

Vicidial allows call centers to create customizable call scripts that guide agents through customer interactions. These scripts help ensure consistent communication, provide relevant information to agents, and effectively control call flow.

Real-time monitoring and reporting

Vicidial software allows supervisors to monitor ongoing calls in real time. You can monitor calls, whisper to agents for help, and answer calls when needed. Vicidial also generates detailed reports and analytics on call metrics, agent performance, and campaign effectiveness, enabling managers to make data-driven decisions.

CRM Integration

Vicidial seamlessly integrates with popular customer relationship management (CRM) systems, allowing agents to access customer information and update call details in real time. This integration streamlines workflow, eliminates manual data entry, and improves overall efficiency.

Remote agent functions

Vicidial supports remote agent capabilities, enabling call centers to tap into a broader talent pool and offer flexible working options. Agents can connect to the system from anywhere with an internet connection, enabling decentralized operation of the call center.

Scalability and customization

Vicidial is highly scalable and suitable for small to large call centers with thousands of agents. The open source nature allows for customization and integration with other software systems to tailor the solution to your specific business needs.

How can Vicidial software significantly improve call center efficiency?

Optimized call routing and delivery

Efficient call routing and delivery is paramount for call centers. Vicidial’s software offers advanced features to automate call routing based on predefined rules such as: Agent skills, language preferences, or customer preferences. This ensures calls are routed to the best agent, reduces call handling time, and improves first call resolution rates. 

By integrating Asterisk2Voip’s robust VOIP solution with Vicidial, call centers can harness the power of cloud-based telephony, eliminating the need for complex hardware infrastructure.  

Comprehensive call monitoring and analysis

Effective call monitoring is essential for call centers to maintain quality standards and identify opportunities for improvement. Vicidial’s software provides real-time monitoring capabilities so supervisors can intercept calls, provide instant feedback, and guide agents through customer interactions. 

Additionally, the software generates detailed analytics and reports on various call metrics such as call volume, average call duration and agent performance. These insights enable call center managers to make data-driven decisions, streamline workflows, and improve overall efficiency. 

Intelligent Predictive Dial

Manual dialing can be time consuming and inefficient for agents. Vicidial’s software includes an intelligent predictive dialing algorithm that automatically dials a list of phone numbers based on available agents and expected call completion rates. By eliminating manual dialing, agents can focus on connecting with customers, resulting in higher call volume, less idle time, and increased productivity. 

Asterisk2Voip’s advanced VOIP solution ensures seamless connectivity and call quality, increasing the effectiveness of predictive dialing.

Efficient call scripts and CRM integration

Vicidial’s software allows call centers to create custom call scripts that agents can follow while interacting with customers. These scripts ensure consistency, provide agents with important information, and guide her through the call flow. 

Additionally, Vicidial seamlessly integrates with popular customer relationship management (CRM) systems, allowing agents to access customer information and update call details in real time. This integration streamlines workflow, eliminates manual data entry, and improves overall efficiency.

Improved agent productivity and training

Vicidial software offers numerous features to improve agent productivity and training. Features like automatic call recording, call handling, and on-screen call scripts give agents the tools they need to effectively handle customer interactions. 

The software also supports remote agent functionality, giving call centers access to a broader talent pool and offering flexible working options. In addition, supervisors can conduct virtual training sessions, monitor agent performance, and provide remote coaching to ensure continuous skill development and optimize agent productivity.


In summary, Vicidial software is a feature-rich call center solution that combines advanced features. Integrating Vicidial software, powered by Asterisk2Voip, into your call center operations will greatly increase efficiency and productivity. This advanced call center solution enables organizations to maximize their operational potential and drive business growth.  

Contact us to learn more and boost your call center efficiency with advanced ViciDial software and many more VoIP solutions by Asterisk2VoIP.


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