What is a Predictive Dialer? How is It Different From Auto Dialer?

February 15, 2023


Long gone are the days of ringing phones. Today, call centers use a variety of modern technologies to make customer support as user-friendly as possible.

Using predictive dialing or automatic dialer instead of manual dialing is like the difference between commuting to work or riding a high-speed commuter train. You reach your goals faster. No time is wasted searching or dialing phone numbers. Sales and support agents don’t have to wait for someone to answer the phone or pick up their device.

When it comes to making outbound calls efficiently, there is nothing like automation to get the job done. Outbound call automation software comes in many forms. 

Let’s explore the similarities and differences between predictive and automated dialers.

What is a Predictive Dialer?

A Predictive Dialer by Asterisk2VOIP is an outgoing software that calls multiple contacts simultaneously. With the help of AI technology and statistical algorithms, agents start making calls before the previous call ends.

Finally, after the current call is over, the agent will queue up. This ensures that no time is wasted and that the agent can connect with a large number of prospects.

What is an Auto Dialer?

Autodialer is also a type of predictive dialer. 

It needs four things to work – a computer to run the software, a person to answer the phone, a voice modem and an active phone line. 

An audio modem allows a computer to play voice recordings over a telephone line. With VoIP technology, auto dialers can also be used with PBX business phone systems that use SIP trunks.

Some autodialers have voice recognition software built in and can tell if the person has received a call or if the call has gone to voicemail.

Automated calls use predictive dialing to ring when a sales or support agent is finished with a call. From there, the auto dialer sends the call directly to the operator or records. If a person answers the phone, the direct caller can put the caller on hold for a short time until they come directly.

Predictive Dialer vs. Auto Dialer: how are they different from each other?

While autodialers are known to efficiently manage workloads by assigning calls to available agents, predictive dialers are a viable option for campaigns aimed at increasing contact rates.

The Predictive dialer software calls a few seconds before the agent completes the previous call. This is done by evaluating the agent’s call duration and availability. Instead, the autodialer cycles through x number of contacts and connects the answered phone to an available representative.

If you need to determine the auto dialer call rate for each agent, the predictive dialer depends on the number of agents, call duration, etc. determine and set the call rate accordingly.

Advantages of Predictive Dialers

It helps to increase the productivity of agents

Predictive Dialers make multiple calls at once. This means that a new call will wait for the agent as soon as the active call ends. As a result, no time is wasted.

In addition, the software will route calls to the appropriate department and save agents time from receiving wrong calls. All of this increases agent productivity while simultaneously ensuring the highest customer experience.

High volume

The ability to add multiple agents or remove agents from the queue greatly increases predictive calling. 

You can use this dialer for various marketing campaigns; thus, it is more suitable for call centers and large organizations.

Call monitoring and analysis

Outbound call campaign calls are difficult to monitor, so predictive calling is useful. Callers report the total number of calls made, average call duration, total call duration, etc. including making it easy to track calls by multiple metrics. All of these metrics help supervisors understand agent performance.

Custom list

With mobile phones, users can create and manage their own customer lists. This means that any agent can create their own marketing campaign. Dialer will help you achieve the goals you set because it makes calling easier.

Disadvantages of Predictive Dialer

  • Algorithm failure can be a risk
  • If reps take too long to connect, they run the risk of dropped calls
  • Agents should be able to respond immediately after the call ends.
  • It performs better with larger campaigns because there is more data for the algorithm to use.

Advantages of Auto Dialer

Auto Dialer helps you run advertising campaigns efficiently by ensuring that agents pay enough attention to leads with high conversion rates.

Ensures 100% utilization of call time of agents

Compared to manual dialing, auto dialer enables you to make optimal use of the agent’s talk time. And by reducing idle time, your agents will be more productive and thus help increase the call connect ratio.

Maintain constant contact with customers

The primary goal that contact centers should pursue is customer interaction. This is where a good auto dialer software comes in handy. Instead of performing unnecessary tasks, agents can focus on taking calls.

Weaknesses of Auto Dialer

  • It does not check to see if an agent is available, causing the call to drop.
  • It needs few outbound calling agents.
  • It causes a short wait before agents connect to the call.
  • It doesn’t always find answering machines correctly.


Automation is the key to efficiency and productivity. 

A modern Predictive Dialer system by Asterisk2VoIP will provide you with the right features you need to grow your business. Make sure your solution integrates with our full-featured auto dialer, a wide range of features and other digital tools.


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